Handgun Permit to Purchase


Permit to Purchase a Firearm

The Medina Police Department provides a Permit to Purchase application for individuals to complete in order to purchase a handgun in the State of Minnesota. If you need to complete a Permit to Purchase application, you can use the link below to print off the application, complete and return to the Medina Police Department or pick up an application in person at the police department. A copy of your current driver’s license is also required along with the application.

Permit to Acquire a Handgun Application

Permit to Carry Application

If you would like to complete a permit to carry application with the State of Minnesota, please go to http://www.hennepinsheriff.org/permit-carry-handgun and follow the instructions.

Free Gun Locks

The Medina Police Department offers free gun locks to those who want to secure their weapon safely. If you would like one of these gun locks, please come to the Medina Police Department and request your free gun lock!

Operation Lock and Unloadproject_childsafe

The safe storage of firearms is the responsibility of all gun owners. Not only is it the law in Minnesota, but it is a matter of public safety. Educating gun owners on the need to take such precautions has taken on a renewed sense of purpose with the recent surge in firearm sales across the state. There are also people purchasing firearms for the first time who are seemingly unaware of the obligations that come with gun ownership. This included making sure firearms are not accessible to children, criminals and emotionally distraught individuals.

To bring more awareness to this public safety issue, the Medina Police Department has undertaken an initiative entitled, Operation Lock and Unload. The focus is on the safe storage of firearms, whether at home or some other location. Simply hiding a gun without taking additional precautions is not a safe practice. Proper safeguards include unloading the firearm, using a trigger or cable lock and placing the gun in a lock box or safe. Ammunition should be securely stored away from the firearm.

To learn more about firearm safety, go to Project Child Safe at www.projectchildsafe.org The Medina Police Department offers free cable locks that will secure most types of guns. Please join this effort to prevent a needless tragedy from occurring due to the negligent storage of a firearm.

Project Child Safe also provides you with a Firearms Brochure and a safety Handbook. Utilize these documents to keep you safe and secure with your weapons.