Crime Prevention


House Checks

The Medina Police Department offers house checks to those who request them. If you are going on a long or short-term vacation, the Medina Police Department will provide you with a house check for no charge. House checks are intended to provide a sense of security when away from home. If a house check is requested, an officer will respond to your home and will check the outside doors to make sure they are secure. If you would like a house check on your home, please contact the Medina Police Department at (763) 473-9209.

Extra Patrol Requests

If you would like an extra police presence in your neighborhood due to safety concerns, suspicious activity or for any other situation that would require a police presence, please contact us. The department will provide extra patrol as needed.

Speeding Complaints

Is speeding becoming an issue in your neighborhood or street? Contact the Medina Police Department and let us know if you are having a speeding issue. Extra patrol and/or the speed trailer can be stationed in the area of concern. Contact the Medina Police Department for more information.

Crime Opportunity Alert

The Medina Police Department has implemented a crime prevention program to enhance the safety and security of local residences and businesses. While on routine patrol, if a police officer has identified a condition which was an opportunity for criminal activity to occur, you will receive a Crime Opportunity Alert. This is a yellow card that will describe the condition that may have become an opportunity for a crime. Crime conditions include an open garage door in the middle of the night or a car window wide open in a business area with valuables inside the vehicle.

Identity Theft

Please go to Hennepin County Identity Theft Information if you need information on identity theft.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a program that is designed to utilize your landscape to prevent you and your home from becoming a victim of a crime. Please go to CPTED to gain more information on how this program works.