The services of the Finance Department allow other City departments to make reliable management decisions and achieve their goals and objectives while maintaining the integrity of the City’s financial and management system.

Specifically the department is responsible for accounting, financial management, assessing, payroll, utility billing, purchasing, investing of city funds, execution of debt service analysis and bond payments, and management of other city assets as requested by the Medina City Council and/or City Administrator. The finance department also produces the following documents, with the assistance of other city departments: the Comprehensive Budget, the annual financial statements, the five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP), and the Financial Management Plan. All of these documents can be found on the FINANCIAL REPORTS & Fees Page.

We also provide a wide variety of services to external customers that facilitate their compliance with a variety of legal mandates and requirements. Providing these services to our internal and external customers enhances the quality of life of our citizens and provides for a stable financial environment.

Utility Billing

The City of Medina bills residents for city water, sewer, and stormwater. More information can be found on the Utilities & Services Page.

Special Assessments

The City utilizes special assessments as a tool to provide a stable and continuing source of funding within the financial capacity of the City, in combination with federal, state, county, and other local financial resources available to the City, to accommodate infrastructure needs for new development, redevelopment, and maintenance within the existing community in the most cost-effective manner.
Please note that a special assessment is a lien against the property for payment of an improvement to the property by the City (such as street reconstruction) or delinquent charges due to the City. Special Assessment information regarding a special assessment on a property, or the need to obtain information about the payoff amount can be provided by a Special Assessment Search. A search can be initiated by completing the Special Assessment Search Request Form. The fee for the search is included in the City Fee Schedule found on the Budget & Fees Page.

For information regarding special assessments please contact:

Erin Barnhart, Finance Director

Accounts Payable and Receivable

The claims lists approved by the city council are prepared by the Accountant. On an annual basis, we generate over 1,650 accounts payable checks; these total over $6.9 million during the course of a year. The department regularly invoices various parties under multiple contracts. Cash and other receipts are received from every revenue generating program in the City, coded and deposited on a daily basis.

For information regarding accounts payable and receivable please contact:

Jennifer Altendorf, Accountant

Vendors:  Please send all invoices to


This division is responsible for a bi-weekly payroll for approximately 30 employees, including Mayor and Council, and also all quarterly and annual reporting requirements. An average of 730 payroll checks and direct deposits are prepared annually and over 30 employee records are maintained.

For information regarding payroll and employee records please contact:

Erin Barnhart,  Finance Director

Accounting and Cash Management

The finance department currently maintains a complete set of books on 26 separate funds.  These funds include the general fund, nine special revenue funds, four debt service funds, eight capital project funds, three enterprise funds, and one agency fund.
City investments are made in accordance with Minnesota Statutes and an even more restrictive investment policy adopted by the City Council. Interest earnings for 2012 were approximately $93 thousand.  Month end investment balances for the same period average approximately $15.4 million.

For information regarding the finance department, accounting, financial reports or cash management please contact:

Erin Barnhart,  Finance Director