Animal Control


Limitations of Keeping Dogs

The City of Medina allows residents to keep up to three dogs on a parcel of 8 acres or less or four dogs on a parcel more than 8 acres. If you have any questions regarding this limitation, please contact the Medina Police Department. If you desire to have more dogs on your property, you will need to apply for a Private Kennel License.

Dangerous Dogs

The City of Medina enforces the “Dangerous Dog Statute.” All dog bites are dealt with in accordance with City Code 345.17. The City Code allows a dog to be declared “Potentially Dangerous” or “Dangerous” after only one incident, such as an attack that results in substantial bodily harm to another animal or person. Another commonly held belief is that a bite must occur for a dog to be declared “Potentially Dangerous” or “Dangerous”.  The City Code allows officers to declare a dog “Potentially Dangerous” or “Dangerous” if the dog has bit, chased, or been known to cause injury on humans or other domestic animals.

Dog Quarantine

If a dog has bit an individual or another domestic animal and no proof of the Rabies vaccination is available, the responding officer may quarantine the dog in two ways. Either the dog is taken into police custody and quarantined for a period of ten days to observe the animals behavior or the dog is home quarantined.

Wild Animals

The City of Medina is home to a number of non-domestic animals such as fox, deer, and coyotes. If you are having a problem with a wild animal, such as coyotes or raccoons, please contact the Community Service Officer with the Medina Police Department.

Click Coyote Hazing Guidelines for more information on how to haze a coyote. Hazing will help prevent coyotes from returning to your property.

If you would like more information on wild animals, go to the Humane Society Wild Animals website.