DUE TO COVID-19: All building permit applications should be sent by email to Deb Peterson, Further instructions on how the permit process will be handled will be communicated through email. We are now accepting credit cards payments by phone (fee applies).

Building Permit Application – The City of Medina uses the same building permit application for all permits. Is an address in Medina?– Type in address into Hennepin County and reference “Municipality”.

For “general” residential building permits that can be issued over the counter, please see the information below regarding payment amount. Commercial building permits are typically not issued over the counter.

New Residential Construction

All new residential construction (new homes, accessory structures, and additions) within the City of Medina require a building permit or hardcover permit and must obtain the permit prior to the start of any work. Permit applications are reviewed every week by Planning & Zoning staff, the City Engineer, and Metro West Building Inspections. The applicant is required to submit two copies (one full size and one 11×17 to scale) of all plans for project,  and all proposed work is to follow the Minnesota State Building Code and all Medina Ordinances to ensure that permits will be issued promptly.

“General” Residential Building Permits

The following permit types can be issued over the counter and have flat fees.

Type City Fee State Surcharge Total Fee
Mechanical $50 per unit
(one permit only – to include all units)
$1.00 per permit $51.00 (1), $101.00 (2), $151.00 (3), etc.
Plumbing $50 (1-5 fixtures)
+ $10 for each additional fixture
$1.00 per permit $51.00+
Window/Doors Replacement (within existing openings) $50 for 1 window/door,
$100 for more than 1
$1.00 per permit $51.00 – $101.00
Reside/Reroof (asphalt) $100.00 per structure
*separate permits required for reside/reroof or additional structures
$1.00 per permit $101.00
Reroof (wood shingles/shakes) $165.00 per structure
*separate permits required for additional structures
$1.00 per permit $166.00
Accessory Building under 120 sq. ft. Hardcover permit $50.00 n/a $50.00

Sign Permits

All signs over 4 sq. ft. erected in the City of Medina require a sign permit. Sign permits are issued similar to building permits.  Please refer to the Sign Permit Checklist for what materials must be submitted to receive a sign permit.  Permits for signs 50 sq. ft. or smaller are $100 and permits for signs over 50 sq. ft. are based on the State 1994 Building Permit Fee Schedule.

Please be aware that your project may also require a permit from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. Please check out the MCWD permitting page to find out!