Septic System Pumping

The City of Medina’s Septic Monitoring Program requires that property owners have their septic tanks pumped and septic system inspected a minimum of once every three years.

The program not only is intended to protect groundwater by requiring certified assessments of septic systems throughout the City, but also has the potential benefit of increasing the lifetime of your septic system, as experts believe regular pumping is an important part of maintaining a system.

Each property owner needs to make arrangements with a licensed septic system pumper to both pump the septic tanks and inspect the system. Please make sure the pumper fills out the entire Septic System Pumping and Assessment Report Form following completion of the work and returns it to the City of Medina.

Return septic system reports to Katrina Jones at or fax to 763-473-9359

We do not require compliance inspections but if one is completed, please send it to us to have on record, whether compliant or non compliant.

Additional information regarding maintaining a healthy septic system can be found on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s website at: