photo credit: Hadassah Zohara

Medina preserves its rural character to the greatest extent possible by identifying ecologically significant natural features and natural greenway corridors on City maps, providing incentives for conservation-design and for protection of natural features. The City seeks to raise awareness among residents for good land stewardship to reduce nutrient loading to water bodies, thereby improving water quality in impaired lakes. Medina plans orderly east to west urbanization along existing infrastructure.

Below are a list of links to environmental resources and articles.

Medina’s Clean Waters Program – a mission to educate individuals about the impacts of everyday activities on water quality and simple techniques that help protect water resources from the home well to Medina’s various watersheds.

Medina’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) & Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Water Links e-newsletter– Water Links is a monthly e-newsletter from the West Metro Water Alliance that features news, events, project updates and tips related to water quality issues.

The Blue Thumb program aims to encourage homeowners to use native plant gardening, rain gardens, and shoreline stabilization to reduce runoff from their home landscape in an effort improve water quality. Visit their website at www.bluethumb.org for “how to” guides on native gardens, rain gardens, shoreline stabilization and more.

Drought Preparedness | Water Conservation | Red Cross

Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Minnesota’s Lakes, Rivers and Streams Brochure

Dead Trees Environmental Fact Sheet

Wetland Buffers Environmental Fact Sheet

Fall Lawn Care Article

Bird Window Collisions: A Deadly Toll on our Bird Population – Information for Home Owners

Monarchs and Milkweed – Click here to learn more on how to help the Monarch Butterfly population

Trail Ambassador’s Plant Guide – Invasive Species

Correct Disposal of Holiday Greens

Chloride 101 – Minnesota Waters Need A Low-Salt Diet

Terrestrial Invasive Species | Minnesota DNR (state.mn.us)

Landscaping with native plants | Minnesota DNR (state.mn.us)

Minnesota’s Native Plant Communities | Minnesota DNR (state.mn.us)