The City of Medina has the following job openings:

COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER: The Medina Police Department is currently accepting applications for part-time Community Service Officer (CSO) positions. This is an excellent opportunity to join a well-respected law enforcement agency and to serve a one-of-a-kind community. The position is open for both those who aspire to be in law enforcement, and those not interested in pursuing a licensed police officer position, but still want to serve their community (long-term). This position provides a variety of public safety and other municipal services, including, but not limited to, crime prevention, animal control, packet deliveries, equipment maintenance, property control, limited code enforcement, investigation, and follow up on nuisance complaints, and other duties not requiring a sworn police officer. An application packet can be picked up at City Hall or is available here.

Questions should be directed to Caitlyn Walker at caitlyn.walker@medinamn.gov