Utilities & Services

City Provided Utilities

The City of Medina bills residents for city water, sewer, and stormwater.

For information regarding utility billing please contact the Finance Department at 763-473-8841.

Other Utilities and Services


Two different electrical companies serve Medina—Xcel Energy and Wright-Hennepin. Click this Energy Providers Map to find your electrical provider.

Wright Hennepin (763) 477-3000 or (800) 943-2667     Xcel Energy (800) 895-4999

Natural Gas

CenterPoint Energy provides most of Medina with natural gas. There are parts of the City, however, that do not have any service. Please contact CenterPoint Energy for more information at (612) 372-4720.


Medina has two different telephone companies. The very western portion of the City prefixed with 479 (the Independence Beach area), uses Frontier Communications. CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) services the rest of the City. Cellular service is available throughout the City by many different companies.
Frontier (Frontier Espanol) (800) 921-8101     CenturyLink (800) 475-7526

Cable Television

Much of Medina has Cable TV service. In Medina, Cable TV is provided by Mediacom, (800) 332-0245. As an alternative or if you are not in the service area, you can use one of the many satellite providers.

Garbage and Recycling

Medina licenses one garbage hauler to service the City, Randy’s Environmental Services, A Republic Services Company, (763) 972-3335. Although the license controls rates and certain aspects of service, items such as billing, requests and rates for removal of appliances and other large items, complaints, etc. are handled directly with your hauler. Recycling is also provided by Randy’s Environmental Services, A Republic Services Company. See the Recycling page for more details.


High speed internet service is mainly provided by three companies: Mediacom, (800) 332-0245, CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) (800) 475-7526 or Frontier (800) 921-8101 (for the very western portion of the City prefixed with 479 (the Independence Beach area). Certain areas of the city currently do not have access to high speed internet. Residents in these areas typically use data cards from their cellular phone providers or a satellite internet provider.

Minnesota Department of Economic Development has a line extension connection program with the goal to connect residents and businesses that lack access to broadband internet service to service providers and assist in the expense of extending broadband to those locations. More information can be found here.

If your household income is 200% or less than than the Federal Poverty Guidelines or someone in your household participates in certain government assistance programs, you may be eligible for the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) that reduces the cost of getting online for people with limited income. Visit the ACP website to see if you qualify.

2020 Rural Internet Research:  http://mnruralbroadbandcoalition.com/speedtest

The Medina City Council adopted a separate franchise agreement with Mediacom for cable TV, internet, and phone service for residents starting January 1, 2014.  Medina and Mediacom have agreed to extend the system build out in Medina per the following language from the Franchise Agreement over the next three years.