Hunting Permits

Medina City Code Section Section 320 regulates the discharge of firearms during the hunting season and regulates hunting in Medina.  The city’s objective is to maintain hunting as part of the city’s rural character, while balancing the rights of the citizens in reference to the disturbances caused by hunting.

The City Council has the authority to designate sensitive hunting areas (SHA) in the City.  These SHA have special Administrative Rules that hunters need to follow or they could lose their privilege to hunt. The administrative rules are related to trespassing, pellets falling on other’s properties, number of hunters that can be on a parcel and placing limits on times firearms can be discharged.

For hunting permits, a landowner’s consent is required.  You can fill out the Landowner’s Consent Form on-line and print it for the signature, then bring the landowner’s consent form to the Police Department to complete the permit process.

Attached is the Sensitive Hunting Map of the City of Medina found here: Sensitive Hunting Map

The City of Medina follows all state and local hunting regulations.  If you have any questions in reference to hunting or discharging of firearms within the City of Medina, please contact the Medina Police Department at 763-473-9209.

For information regarding hunting season dates, please refer to the DNR’s website at