The Administration Department oversees the daily operations and administration of the City and works closely with the City Council to implement Council policies and directives. The services provided by the Administration Department include: city elections, recycling, records retention (city code, ordinances, resolutions, meeting minutes, contracts, etc.), data practiceslicensing (liquor, tobacco, gambling, solicitors, etc.), public relations, human resources, and IT/communications.

Scott Johnson, City Administrator
) 473-8840

Scott serves as the chief administrative officer for the city and oversees all city departments, consultants, contracts, and day-to-day administrative operations of the city.

Caitlyn Walker, City Clerk

This position reports directly to the City Administrator and serves as City Clerk, coordinates elections, issues permits, maintains licenses, files, contracts, projects, resolution, ordinances, city code and other documents for general city administration.

David Anderson, City Attorney, Kennedy & Graven, Chartered
David provides legal counsel for city council and staff.  The city contracts this service with Kennedy & Graven.