Clean-Up Day, Saturday, April 29th

Each year, on the last Saturday in April, Public Works sponsors a city-wide clean-up day.   This is an opportunity for you to rid yourself of old appliances, TV’s, and other items you would normally take to the landfill.  The City of Medina subsidizes the costs associated with the removal of these items.  This is a great opportunity to remove these items from your home at a reduced cost.

The event will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2023 from 8 a.m. to Noon at 600 Clydesdale Trail and includes:

  • Free Document Shredding Services
  • Tree Sales – $20 each (cash or check only)
  • Free Milkweed Seeds
  • Bicycle Collection – donated to Interfaith Outreach
  • Lunch (served from 10a.m. to 12p.m.)

Where to bring other items:



2023 Spring Road Restrictions begin March 10

When spring arrives, the frozen aggregate base and the soil under the aggregate base thaw out and become saturated.  Under these conditions the pavement weakens, and the capacity of the roadway is reduced.  It is during this time that heavy vehicles driving on the roadway damage the roadway more than any other time of the year.

The reason for the restrictions is to protect our roads and keep the cost of road repair down for all taxpayers. We ask all of our residents and business owners to keep an eye out for large trucks using the roads during this period.  If you see them using a restricted road, please call 9-1-1 to report it immediately. Help protect our roads!

CLICK HERE for current map.


Please check back often for up-to-date information on which streets are posted and when those streets get lifted.  

Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting 2023

Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.

Location: Medina City Hall, 2052 County Road 24

This meeting is held annually for the purpose of reviewing and correcting the 2023 assessed property values or property classifications in the City of Medina.

General Information about property taxes is available from Hennepin County at: Property taxes | Hennepin County

Information about property tax refunds is available from the Minnesota Department of Revenue at: Property Tax Refund | Minnesota Department of Revenue (

Appealing Estimated Property Values and Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting:

Your total property taxes that will be due and payable are determined by the following four factors:  the amount of money budgeted to be spent by taxing jurisdictions; the impact of the market value exclusion credit; the taxable market value of your property as of January 2nd of each year as determined by the City Assessor; and your property tax classification.

The City Assessor establishes the taxable market value of Medina property as of January 2nd of each year.  Notice of the City Assessor’s conclusion as to the taxable market value of each property in Medina as of January 2nd of each year has been or soon will be mailed to every Medina property owner.

If you believe the classification of your property or the taxable market value established for your property is in error, you may take steps to appeal the classification and/or the January 2nd valuation (for taxes payable the next year).  Those steps are:


Step 1 – Discuss your objections with the City Assessor as soon as possible

If you believe that the estimated market value of your property is higher than comparable properties or is improperly classified, you should first contact the City Assessor.  The City Assessor for residential properties is Southwest Assessing, at: 763-473-3978 and the Assessor for commercial/industrial properties is Hennepin County, at: 612-348-3046.  Based on the information you present, the Assessor may make an adjustment to the taxable market value of your property or assist you in re-classifying your property.


Step 2 – Attend the Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting

If, after your discussions with the Assessor, you still wish to make an appeal, you should:

  • Submit the information you wish to present to the City’s Board of Appeal and Equalization for its consideration before it meets. This form is available for your use, but it is recommended that you supplement the information presented on the form with any information you believe is relevant.  The property owner is responsible for presenting evidence to the Board as to why the market value as determined by the City Assessor is not fair, or the property classification is not appropriate.  The information can be submitted to the City via one of these methods:
    • Email:
    • Mail: Medina City Hall 2052 County Road 24, Medina, MN 55340
    • Hand-deliver the information to the Medina City Hall
  • Attend the meeting of the meeting Board of Appeal and Equalization. The Medina Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting has been scheduled for the first Wednesday in April at 6:30 p.m. Property owners will be allowed ten minutes to present their appeal to the Board.  The Board may decide to hold a reconvened meeting at a later date for the purpose of considering appeals presented at its meeting, but new appeals will not be heard at the reconvened meeting.

Appeals at the Board of Appeal and Equalization will be considered in the following order:

  1. Property owners who have discussed the January 2nd valuation with the City Assessor and have advised the City that they wish to appeal the City Assessor’s determination to the Board of Appeal and Equalization.
  2. Property owners who have presented their cases in writing to the Board of Appeal and Equalization prior to the meeting but who have not discussed their appeal with the City Assessor.
  3. Property owners who have come directly to the Board without providing advance notice or without contacting the City Assessor prior to the meeting.

Please note that the Board of Appeal and Equalization cannot address the taxes due the previous year because the market value on which taxes due and payable the previous year have been finalized and can only be addressed by the Minnesota Tax Court.


Step 3 – Appeal to Hennepin County

Hennepin County Board of Equalization

If desired, the market value can be further appealed to the Hennepin County Board of Equalization. The County Board convenes the last two weeks in June. The dates and phone number to appeal are listed on your market value notice.  Additional information may be found at:


Step 4 – Appeal to Minnesota Tax Court

Minnesota Tax Court

The final avenue of appeal is to petition the Minnesota Tax Court. All appeals for tax court must be filed on or before April 30 of the year the tax becomes payable. Additional information may be found at:



April 4 City Council Meeting

The City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month; everyone is welcome to join.  


Regular Meeting of City Council

Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2023, at 7:00 PM

Location: Council Chambers

Current Agenda

Current Meeting Packet

Council agendas and packets are typically available the Friday prior to the meeting.


City Council Records

City Council Public Records: Includes agendas, packets, minutes, newsletters, ordinances, and resolutions.

City Council Videos

Medina’s 2021 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report Cover Page

Medina’s 2021 Annual Report provides an overview of the City’s activities, accomplishments, and fiscal responsibility for 2020. The report outlines activity for each of the city departments including administration, planning, public works, police, and fire as well as statistics and charts demonstrating trend history.

We invite you to review Medina’s 2021 Annual Report to learn more about your community. This report also includes a snapshot of the important events and projects completed in 2020, a preview of 2021 goals, and sections recognizing our contributors, service providers, elected officials, appointed representatives and staff.

View Medina’s Annual Reports from previous years at: 


Cops Don’t Call for Cash

Cops Don't Call for Cash LogoOn August 30, 2021, Sheriff Hutchinson announced a new program dedicated to fighting a common type of phone scam: individuals posing as law enforcement agencies and demanding payment for a missed court date, jury duty, or other legal matter. The new program is called “Cops Don’t Call for Cash” and is focused on educating the public on the fact that law enforcement agencies will never contact individuals via phone or email to ask for any kind of payment.

“For years, criminals have been posing as law enforcement and demanding payment for some non-existent legal issue,” said Sheriff David Hutchinson. “These scams are often quite sophisticated and are designed to make people feel panicked. Fortunately, this is one of those issues for which education is really the answer. That’s why we gave this program the title Cops Don’t Call for Cash. Simply remember the name and you’ll be able instantly spot a phone scam.”

In these types of phone scams, criminals tell the recipient that there is a warrant out for their arrest because they missed a federal court appearance and are in contempt. The phone scammers tell residents that they will be arrested unless they pay a fine. The scammers often encourage residents to purchase prepaid money transfer cards, such as MoneyPak, call the scammer back, and read them the numbers on the cards. These scammers often have technology to make it appear that they are calling from a legitimate law enforcement agency phone number.

The Cops Don’t Call for Cash Campaign aims to eliminate this type of phone scam through a robust, multi-agency awareness campaign, led by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement agencies will only contact individuals who owe a monetary fine via mail and will never contact individuals via phone or email to ask for any kind of payment. If individuals receive such a call, they should remember the phrase “Cops Don’t Call for Cash,” refuse to provide any personal information or make any payments to the caller.

Anyone who believes they have been victimized by a scam caller should record the caller’s number, save any voicemails that may have been left by the caller, and contact their local law enforcement agency.

Individuals should not rely on caller ID or recorded messages to verify the origin of a phone call. In some cases, phone scammers can use technology to appear as if they are calling from a legitimate law enforcement or government agency number. Scammers have also been known to create fraudulent recorded messages that identify their number as originating from law enforcement.

If you are uncertain about the identity of a caller, hang up the phone, locate the official phone number of the agency, and call the number directly.

Hunter Lions Park – Renovations Underway

Renovations are underway at Hunter Lions Park (located at 3195 Hunter Drive). Installation of storm sewer pipe will take place where the current ball field is located, followed by excavation of the tennis courts. This is a phased project and work will be ongoing. While we regret any inconvenience to our residents and park guests, we are very excited for the updates to come!  A new tennis court and four pickleball courts will be constructed in the north east corner of the park. The baseball diamond will be reoriented, playground expanded, full basketball court added, and a paved trail with event pods will lead park users to the back nature area.

Click to view Hunter Lions Master Plan Map

Project Background 

On June 16, 2020, the City Council authorized the City to enter into an agreement with WSB to create a master plan for Hunter Lions Park. Throughout the remainder of the year, staff and the Park Commission worked with WSB Landscape Architect Candace Amberg on the project. The project involved a site visit to discuss initial aging park equipment and potential redesign options to optimize the functionality, safety, and recreational enjoyment at Hunter Lions Park. WSB created three layout options for Park Commission consideration, which was presented to the Park Commission at their August 19, 2020 meeting. The Park Commission reviewed and recommended refinement of those designs to one concept plan to be posted online for public feedback. The City sought public feedback of the concept plan through the website using a program called Social PinPoint to allow resident feedback. The public engagement period was advertised through the Medina Message mailed newsletter, email blasts, social media, and the City’s website.  

On October 21, 2020, the Park Commission reviewed the design changes based on the public feedback, project costs, and discussed staging the improvements over the course of several years due to the limited funds in the Municipal Park Fund.  On March 2, 2021, the City Council adopted the final Hunter Lions Park Master Plan.

Project to be Constructed in Seven PhasesClick to view Master Plan with Seven Phases

Phase 1: Reorient ballfield backstop (remove existing basketball court) 

Phase 2: Construct tennis & pickleball courts 

Phase 3: Construct new basketball court, remove existing volleyball court, construct new trails 

Phase 4: Expand playground with new equipment, add new site amenities 

Phase 5: New site amenities to include picnic tables, receptacles, picnic shelter on pad 

Phase 6: Install event pods along trail 

Phase 7: Natural resource management, prairie kiosk signs, prairie & creek enhancements, prairie benches 

Compost/Brush Site Locking Gate

The City’s brush/compost site will be open daily (including weekends) from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The gate will be closed and locked every day after 4:30 p.m. to limit contractors and non-residents from dumping illegally.

It is located behind the shop building northwest of City Hall, 2052 County Road 24, Medina, MN 55340.

Accepted Items

Brush Pile – trees, branches, brush, bushes, and other natural wood products (woody shrubs, vines, Christmas trees & large logs)

Compost Pile – grass clippings, leaves, mulch, flowers, weeds, sod, garden waste and holiday greens (no bags & no straw)

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COVID-19 City Response Page


4/22/22: Mayor Kathleen Martin’s Statement and Determination Regarding Conducting Meetings by Telephone or Other Electronic Means – effective April 30, 2022 to return to in-person meetings.

9/21/21:  Mayor Kathleen Martin’s Statement and Determination Regarding Conducting Meetings by Telephone or Other Electronic Means – effective immediately to return to virtual meetings.

6/3/21:  Mayoral Statement and Determination Regarding Conducting Meetings In-person starting June 30 2021

6/15/20:  City Hall is open for in-person service at the service window located at the lower level planning entrance. To minimize the amount of people in the office at any given time, employees will continue to work a combination of hours from home and in the office. Please schedule an appointment with the appropriate employee/department to ensure you can receive proper service while visiting City Hall. Employee contact information can be found at:

5/18/20:  Playgrounds are open- Play equipment is not sanitized, use precautionary measures to keep your family safe.

3/17/20: City Council and Commissions begin to hold telephonic/virtual meetings pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.021 – until further notice. Links to join upcoming meetings can be found at:

3/16/20: Mayor declares local emergency.

Mayoral Declaration No 2020-01 finding local emergency exists at the City of Medina, Minnesota

Mayor Statement and Determination Regarding Conducting Meetings by Telephone or Other Electronic Means

Resolution Extending Mayor Declared Local Emergency

(Excerpts from State Statutes in reference to emergency declarations and telephonic meetings)


Additional Resources and Information


Diamond Lake Regional Trail

Over the past several months, Three Rivers Park District has been working with Medina and other communities to collect feedback on the master plan for the Diamond Lake Regional Trail (DLRT). This master plan contemplates a future north-south regional trail in western Hennepin County, including potentially through Medina.

Establishing a master trail plan with identified preferred routes will help local officials secure the land for the trail as development occurs over several years or decades. The Diamond Lake Regional trail will be constructed in segments over the course of many years as development occurs and land can be secured along the trail route.

In response to the public feedback and the direction of the Medina City Council, Three Rivers is no longer evaluating any regional trail options which would extend south of the Hamel Road right-of-way in Medina.

The Medina City Council and Park Commission have requested that Three Rivers Park District instead study and seek public comments on alternative routes in the northern portion of the City.  The routes currently under consideration are on this map for quick reference.

The City Council and Park Commission desire to collect feedback and gage support for a regional trail which could serve the growing and more densely populated neighborhoods of northeast Medina with a paved, multi-use trail for walking, running, biking and in-line skating.

The regional trail would be envisioned to provide a grade-separated crossing over Highway 55 and provide a connection to Baker Park Reserve.  Along Hamel Road, the trail would be adjacent to the roadway and predominantly be located within right-of-way.

Next Steps from Public Engagement

All community feedback from the public engagement period on alternative routes in the northern portion of the City have been put into one comprehensive summary for Park Commission and City Council review and consideration, which can be found in the linked Park Commission report below.  Staff will be sharing the results of the planning efforts to the Park Commission at its regular meeting on May 19, 2021 and the City Council at its regular meeting on June 1, 2021. The City Council will continue their discussion on the Diamond Lake Regional Trail at the June 15, 2021 meeting.

Regular Meeting of City Council:  Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 7:00 PM

Virtual Meeting Link:  Click here to join the meeting

For telephone audio only:  Dial 1-612-517-3122; Enter Conference ID: 632 071 137#

Park Commission Meeting information from May 19, 2021 Meeting

Online (interactive map, message board, email at (comment period closed on May 12th)

Questions on the project, email or call Stephen Shurson, Three Rivers Project Manager, at 763-559-6766

Information from Past Meetings regarding this topic (the original proposed trail routes south of Hamel Road in the meeting information below are no longer being considered):