Clean Waters

Minnesota, the land of nearly 12,000 lakes and 63,000 miles of rivers and streams, has more freshwater than any of the country’s other contiguous 48 states. Over time, as Minnesota was settled, cleared, developed, and farmed, and our population grew, these changes took an unintended toll on our lakes, rivers, groundwater, and their related ecosystems.

The City of Medina is excited to promote Clean Waters – a mission to educate individuals about the impacts of everyday activities on water quality and simple techniques that help protect water resources from the home well to Medina’s various watersheds.

Lake Independence – Photo Credit: Robin Reid


Clean Waters is a series of fact sheets put out by Public Works.  The fact sheets will be posted on our web page and Facebook page at the beginning of the month.




Check out the below links for examples of how the Clean Water Fund is making a difference in Medina:

Three Rivers’ Baker Park ravine work aims to improve Lake Independence

Three Rivers’ Baker Park ravine work aids Lake Independence water quality


Navajo Road – Photo Credit: Julie Rumsey


COMING UP IN MAY:  Fact Sheet #5 – Lawn Care the Environmentally Friendly Way 

A beautiful grass lawn is good for the environment, right?  Not necessarily.  Proper lawn care protects our natural waterways.  check back on May 1st for some great backyard tips, techniques and tactics to help you do YOUR part for lawns – and the planet.




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What is Illicit Discharge? 

An illicit discharge is any direct or indirect non-stormwater discharge to the storm drain system.  An illicit connection is any connection which allows non-stormwater to enter the storm drain system including sewage, wastewater and wash water.  Illicit discharges and connections are a violation of City code.

Examples of illicit discharges can include:
– Improper waste oil disposal/auto fluids flushing
– Home improvement or construction waste, like concrete and paint
– Pesticides and fertilizers
– Pet waste
– Wash water with detergents, such as from laundry or car washing
– Broken sanitary sewer lines
– Septic tank seepage or illegal sanitary connections
– Household hazardous wastes

Click here to report spills or illicit discharges. The information you provide will be confidential.