Lakeshore Park

Location: This park is located at 2975 Lakeshore Avenue situated on the east side of Lake Independence.

Description: This neighborhood park is less than one acre in size and serves the Independence Beach area of the City and provides a boat access to the lake for residents through a permit process to make sure residents are educated on Aquatic Invasive Species.


  • Fishing Pier on Lake IndependenceLakeshore Park 1500x3000
  • Lake Access and Restricted Parking – The city requires that if you want to park or use the boat access that you have a permit.
    • Parking permits do not require an application, but we ask for the license plate number and the name of the owner of the vehicle. You will be given a parking permit sticker. Call City Hall or email and the permit sticker will be mailed to you.
    • To use the boat launch, we require that you fill out the boat launch application. We will then provide you with the access code to the boat launch. Forms can be dropped off in the City Hall dropbox, mailed, or emailed to
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Playground Equipment