Lakeshore Park Renovations

Renovations will begin soon at Lakeshore Park (located at 2975 Lakeshore Ave).

The Park Commission began planning for renovations at Lakeshore Park in 2021.  The project involved multiple site visits to discuss existing park equipment and potential redesign options to optimize the functionality, safety, and recreational enjoyment of the park. 

On August 18, 2021, the Park Commission authorized creation of a concept plan for Lakeshore Park.  The Park Commission reviewed and recommended refinement of three designs to one concept plan in their October 20, 2021, meeting, and directed City Staff to conduct a survey petitioning resident opinion on desired improvements for the park.    

The City sought public feedback of the concept plan through the website using a program called survey monkey to allow resident feedback.  The public engagement period was advertised through the Medina Message mailed newsletter, email blasts, social media, and the City’s website.  Staff and the Park Commission thoroughly reviewed public feedback, concept designs, estimated project costs and decided to focus on a small watercraft storage rack, seating decks tucked into the hillside, and an overlook deck and pavilion on the north side of the boat launch.  

The project will be constructed in two phases.  Phase one will begin in late summer, 2023, and will consist of seating decks installed in the hillside on either side of the boat launch, and a small watercraft storage rack to be located near the garbage enclosure.  Phase two will consist of an overlook deck and pavilion on the north side of the boat launch; the start date has not yet been determined.  

At the July 5, 2023, meeting, the City Council motioned to adopt the Lakeshore Park concept drawing.

Lakeshore Park is a quiet oasis.  The lake is gorgeous. The playground equipment is quaint.  And soon we will offer comfortable decks for people to enjoy the views.  It is just one of the many wonderful parks that our City offers to its residents.  The upgrades will be a great amenity for the community.

Click to view Lakeshore Park Concept Drawing