Support for Fire Department Services

COVID-19 FUNDING for Hamel Volunteer Fire Department – Medina Residents, We NEED you!

Due to the possible impacts of Covid-19 on the City’s budget, the general economy and our residents, the City is carefully monitoring all expense projections and budgets of those entities that provide services to the City. The Hamel Volunteer Fire Department (HFD) services 76% of the population of the City of Medina. City officials have advised the Hamel Volunteer Fire Department that the City most likely will not be willing to absorb the increased expenses presented in the Department’s proposed 2021 budget and accordingly, City officials have requested the 2021 budget to be revised to avoid any increased costs .  “It has been a blessing to witness our  community working together through this tragic time.  We’ve received home-made masks, girl scout cookies and other great items that we are very grateful for; however, we are a nonprofit.  We need help covering these increased costs.  We would be thankful for any amount someone can donate.” says Tim Lambrecht a Medina Resident and Volunteer Fire Fighter.

If a Medina resident is in a position where they can donate financially, they are encouraged to do so at:    You can also send a check or call the station at:  92 Hamel Road, Hamel, MN 55340    Phone:  (763) 478-6621

During this trying time, HFD needs more fire fighters!  Please visit for more information!