Uptown Hamel

On June 11, 2019, the Planning Commission will hold public hearings on a series of amendments to the Uptown Hamel zoning district.  The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall (2052 County Road 24).

Draft Ordinance Amending Zoning Requirements

Draft Ordinance Amending Zoning Map

The Uptown Hamel area “allows for a mix of residential and commercial uses to create a vibrant, walkable, and attractive place; a place to shop, work and live.”  The proposed amendments are intended to make the Uptown Hamel requirements consistent with changes made in the City’s 2020-2040 Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in the fall of 2018.

Current regulations include two subdistricts within Uptown Hamel with different minimum requirements for residential density.  The amendment proposes to place all property into a single district which allows for commercial uses, residential development between 4-15 units/acre, or a combination of the uses.  The Uptown Hamel area is shown in dark purple on the map to the right.

In addition to these changes related to density, the City continues to engage property owners, businesses, and community members on potential design and development standards that will support improvements and new development in Uptown Hamel.  The City recently partnered with a group of students from the University of Minnesota–Humphrey School of Public Affairs, to conduct open houses and a visual preference survey. Their final report can be found below under additional information.

In the coming months, City staff will be meeting with property owners, businesses, and other interested parties to complete a broader review of Uptown Hamel development standards.

For more information, contact Planning Director Dusty Finke at dusty.finke@medinamn.gov or 763-473-8846.

Additional Information:

University of Minnesota–Humphrey School of Public Affairs Final Report

2040 Comprehensive Plan Objectives