Canada Thistle – A Menace in Medina!

Canada thistle is an invasive perennial weed that almost always grows in patches.  This thorny troublemaker can grow up to five feet tall and once firmly anchored in the ground, can spread quickly via a robust root system.  When conditions are right, seeds can stay viable in the soil for up to 20 years before germinating!

Canada thistle is considered a noxious weed, meaning its control is required by lawThe City of Medina weed inspection program is complaint driven and the City is obligated to follow through and enforce, when necessary, as complaints are received.

Each Canada thistle plant you see connects to a network of underground rhizomes, creating an elaborate web of what appears to be individual plants.  It takes long-term commitment to completely remove them from your property and has once again become a problem – ranking as the #1 complaint received, per Medina’s Weed Inspector.  Left uncontrolled for a while, the patch of thistle can become thick enough to literally suck the life out of the vegetation it is invading.

The good news is that Canada thistle can be controlled!  Visit for information and options for the required management of this tenacious weed.