Medina Receives Grant to Install New Ball Field Lights

Field under lights

Paul Fortin Field under the lights. Photo Credit: Ryan Wilson

The Hamel Athletic Club in partnership with the City of Medina is excited to be turning on the lights on the Paul Fortin Field in Uptown Hamel. This will be the first time in almost 100 years of baseball and 70 years since the field was built that baseball will be played on a full-size field at night in Hamel.

The City of Medina was awarded $148,490 in grant funds from the Hennepin County Youth Sports Facility Program to install ball field lights at the Paul Fortin field. The Hamel Athletic Club also provided a generous donation of $66,442.50 to make this project possible. The new Musco LED Total Light Control fixtures provide tight control of unwanted spill and glare light with no light spilling onto nearby properties and save on energy use and costs.