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Rezoning to Comply with 2020-2040 Comp Plan

City to Consider Rezoning Properties for Consistency with 2020-2040 Comp Plan

On December 11, 2018, the Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on a series of rezonings for properties which were changed within the 2020-2040 Comprehensive Plan. The rezonings have been tabled until further discussion at the Planning Commission meeting which is scheduled for March 12, 2019.

The City Council recently adopted the updated Comprehensive Plan, which was the culmination of a multi-year process which included substantial public input at five community meetings, two business forums, thirteen Steering Committee meetings, various Planning Commission, Park Commission, and City Council meetings, and through an online forum.

The 2020-2040 Plan includes certain changes from the City’s previous plan. The City is required to make changes to its zoning regulations so that they are consistent with the updated Plan within nine months.

If you have any questions, please contact Planning Director Dusty Finke at 763-473-8846 or

Additional Information:

Rezoning Map for Planning Commission 3/1/19

Rezoning Notice

Comprehensive Plan

2040 Comprehensive Plan

The City Council will discuss adopting the 2040 Plan at the October 2nd, 2018 City Council Meeting.

Each chapter of the Comprehensive Plan can be found below by clicking on the title of the chapter you are interested in viewing.

If you have questions about the Comprehensive Plan, please contact the Planning Department at (763) 473-4643.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Vision, Goals & Strategies

Chapter 3: Community Background

Chapter 4: Housing

Chapter 5: Land Use & Growth

Chapter 6: Parks Trails & Open Space

Chapter 7: Implementation

Chapter 8: Sewer Plan

Chapter 9: Water Supply and Distribution Plan

Chapter 10: Transportation Plan

Chapter 11: Surface Water Management Plan






Planning & Zoning

The City of Medina Planning & Zoning Department processes requests for building permits, variances, subdivisions, platting, site plans, comprehensive plan amendments, and conditional use permits.  Also is a resource for wetland data, GIS (Geographical Information System) mapping, code enforcement, zoning regulations, and septic systems.

Planning Department Staff

Dusty Finke, Planning Director: 763-473-8846 or

Debra Peterson, Associate Planner: 763-473-8847 or

Katrina Jones, Administrative Assistant to Planning & Public Works: 763-473-8852 or

Planning & Zoning Information

Current Planning Projects (Updated 2-6-19)

Rezoning to Comply with 2020-2040 Comp Plan

Uptown Hamel Project

Current Land Use Applications Under Review (Updated 3-15-2019)

  1. Marx – 2800 Parkview Drive – PUD Amendment
  2. Aster Vacation Easement
  3. Maxxon Site Plan Review and Lot Combination
  4. 172 Hamel Rd PUD Concept
  5. Medina Mini-Storage Site Plan Review

Uptown Hamel Project

The City of Medina is partnering with the University of Minnesota – Humphrey School of Public Affairs, to help revitalize the Uptown Hamel area. The goal of this partnership is to create an attractive, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use town center that blends retail, office, specialty shops, residential, and gathering places into a unique community. Students will help identify potential design and development standards that will support improvements and new development in Uptown Hamel. To accomplish these goals, stakeholders will be engaged by the students to determine what standards are most consistent with Medina’s existing community character, along with the goals and objectives of the new 2040 Comprehensive Plan for Uptown Hamel.

The project team thanks everyone who attended an Uptown Hamel open house or filled out a survey! We gained a lot of helpful information that is going to shape our report and recommendations to the City. There will be another survey uploaded to this webpage in the upcoming weeks that is geared towards design specific questions.

The final presentation is tentatively scheduled for the City Council Meeting on May 7th. The final report will also be available after May 10th.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Uptown Hamel project, you can email Nick Kieser at or call 763-473-4643.


Additional Information:

2040 Comprehensive Plan Objectives

Uptown Hamel Newsletter


Additional Engagement Opportunities

Design preference survey coming soon!

Mixed Residential Land Use

With the implementation of the City’s 2020-2040 Comprehensive Plan, there are several properties guided for Mixed Residential development in the future. The properties are generally located north of Hamel Road/east of Arrowhead Drive and northwest of Medina Road/Brockton Lane and are identified on the following map:

The Metropolitan Council requires the City of Medina to provide opportunities for development of a minimum of 244 high-density housing units from 2021-2030. The Mixed Residential land use is intended to allow a mix of housing styles with an overall density of 3.5-4.0 units/acre, but a portion of which are required to be developed at a higher density of 8 units/acre or greater. A minimum of approximately one-third of the units would be required to be higher density such as townhomes and apartments to account for the Metropolitan Council requirement.

If you have any questions, would like to provide feedback, or otherwise desire more information, please contact Planning Director Dusty Finke at or 763-473-8846. Feel free to fill out a comment card below and either email Dusty Finke the completed card or bring the card to City Hall at 2052 County Road 24.

Additional Materials:

Comment Card

Open House PowerPoint

Open House Comment Summary

Planning Commission Report 8-15-18

Planning Commission Report 09-11-2018


Steering Committee Information


10-26-17 Staff Report

10-26-17 Meeting Agenda

9-18-17 Agenda

9-18-17 Meeting Staff Report

Jurisdictional Comments on 2040 Comprehensive Plan


10-26-17 Steering Committee Meeting


The materials attached are a portion of the applicable information.  Contact the City of Medina Planning Department at 763-473-8852 if you have any questions or require more information.

Proposed Ordinance Notifications

The following draft ordinance may be considered for adoption at the March 19, 2019 City Council meeting (posted March 1, 2019):

The following draft ordinances may be considered for adoption at the March 5, 2019 City Council meeting (posted February 15, 2019):