2705 Willow Drive CUP & Zoning Text Amendment

2705 Willow Drive – The JEGM Revocable Trust has requested that the City consider amending its zoning code to increase the maximum footprint of ground mounted solar panels permitted on a rural property from 2500 square feet to 4000 square feet.  The applicant has also requested a conditional use permit for construction of a 4000 square foot ground mounted solar array, a 2304 square foot greenhouse and 360 square foot warming shed.

Application Materials


Concept Plan

Anticipated Schedule

Planning Commission Meeting 9-12-17  – Staff Report

City Council Meeting 10-3-17

City Council Meeting 10-17-17


The materials attached are a portion of the proposed application. The anticipated schedule is tentative and is subject to change. Contact the City of Medina Planning Department at 763-473-8852 if you have any questions or for more information.