Planning & Zoning

The City of Medina Planning & Zoning Department processes requests for building permits, variances, subdivisions, platting, site plans, comprehensive plan amendments, and conditional use permits.  Also is a resource for wetland data, GIS (Geographical Information System) mapping, code enforcement, zoning regulations, and septic systems.

Planning Department Staff

Dusty Finke, City Planner: 763-473-8846 or

Debra Peterson, Associate Planner: 763-473-8847 or

Linda Lane, Administrative Assistant to Planning & Public Works: 763-473-8852 or

Planning & Zoning Information

Current Planning Projects Under Review (Updated 12-20-17)

  1. Marx PUD Final Plat
  2. Mark Smith Concept Plan and CPA
  3. Weston Woods PUD Concept
  4. Maxxon Site Plan Review, Lot Combination and Building Material Zoning Amendment
  5. Hennepin County PUD Amendment Fabric Structure

Map of Current Projects