Planning & Zoning

The City of Medina Planning & Zoning Department processes requests for building permits, variances, subdivisions, platting, site plans, comprehensive plan amendments, and conditional use permits.  Also is a resource for wetland data, GIS (Geographical Information System) mapping, code enforcement, zoning regulations, and septic systems.

Planning Department Staff

Dusty Finke, City Planner: 763-473-8846 or

Debra Peterson, Associate Planner: 763-473-8847 or

Linda Lane, Administrative Assistant to Planning & Public Works: 763-473-8852 or

Planning & Zoning Information

Land Use Applications

Any proposal which goes before the Planning Commission requires an Application for Planning Consideration which must be accompanied by relevant information that the Commission can use in order to review the proposal.

Most of these Applications require a pre-Application meeting with the City Planner where the applicant will be informed what information and/or materials will be needed in order to review the proposal.  Relevant regulations, ordinances, and standards will also be discussed.  To schedule a pre-application meeting, contact City Hall at (763) 473-4643, extension 1.

All information and/or material requested must be submitted a month before the meeting which the application will be discussed at the Planning Commission.  This allows City Staff to conduct a thorough review of the application.

Current Planning Projects Under Review – Updated 4/28/17

Land Use Application Reviews

Land Use Application Review

  1. Elim Care Concept Plan – north of Highway 12, east of CR 29 – Elim Care has requested review of a concept plan for potential development of a 134-unit skilled nursing/assisted living/independent living facility in 2018. The applicant originally requested a Comp Plan amendment and rezoning to reguide the subject property to High Density Residential (HDR) and to rezone to the R4 zoning district. The City’s DRAFT 2040 Comp Plan identifies the property as HDR, to allow them to move ahead quicker than the Comp Plan Review. The applicant has since withdrawn the Comprehensive Plan amendment and rezoning, but continues to request Concept Plan Review. The Planning Commission held a public hearing and provided comments at their April 11 meeting and the City Council is scheduled to review on May 2.
  2. 4035 Apache Drive Animal Structure Setback variance – Joe Molde has requested a variance to reduce the required animal structure setback of 150 feet for a small chicken coop. It appears that no location on the subject site could meet the 150 foot setback. The Planning Commission reviewed at their April 18 meeting and recommended approval. The City Council will hold a public hearing at the May 2 meeting.
  3. Johnson Accessory Dwelling Unit CUP – Robin Johnson has requested a CUP to allow an accessory dwelling unit in an accessory structure at 1325 Tamarack Drive. The application is tentatively scheduled for a public hearing at the May 9 Planning Commission meeting.
  4. Three Rivers Park/We Can Ride CUP – 4301 County Road 24 – Three Rivers Park District and We Can Ride have requested a conditional use permit amendment to allow We Can Ride, a nonprofit that provides programming to individuals with disabilities or special needs, to occupy the stable previously utilized by Three Rivers Park mounted patrol. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the request at their March 20 meeting and recommended approval of the request. The Council adopted resolutions for approval on April 18. Staff will work with the applicant on meeting the conditions of approval.
  5. 1822 Homestead Solar Panel CUP and Text Amendment – Peter and Mindy Rechelbacher have requested a conditional use permit to construct a ground-mounted solar array with a footprint of 1500 s.f. The applicants have also requested that the City amend its zoning code to increase the allowed footprint of solar arrays from 1000 s.f. to 1500 s.f. The Planning Commission held a public hearing at their April 11 meeting. Following review, the Commission recommended approval of the amendment to the zoning code. The City Council adopted the ordinance on April 18, which made the proposed array a permitted use, so a CUP will not be required. The project will now be closed.
  6. Woodridge Church, AutoMotorPlex, Hamel Brewery, St. Peter and Paul Cemetery – The City Council has adopted resolutions approving these projects, and staff is assisting the applicants with the conditions of approval in order to complete the projects.
  7. Woods of Medina, Capital Knoll– These preliminary plats have been approved and staff is awaiting a final plat application.
  8. Capital Knoll, Hamel Haven subdivisions – These subdivisions have received final approval. Staff is working with the applicants on the conditions of approval before the plats are recorded.